A Game Geek occasion

Once a month Shared Space turns into a paradise for gaming fanatics.

We like to call it “The best lan spot in town”

We host the tournament- you bring the hardware.

This is the ideal opportunity to show off your computers with extravagant aftermarket cooling systems, LED lighting effects, multi-display setups, and custom-built cases.

We know that gaming events are not just fun and games and get that it is serious business.

100 mbps Fibre line

Network Ready

Plug and Play

We like to call it “The best LAN spot in town” with:

– Super fast 100MBPS Fibre Optic Internet Connection 
– Dedicated server for pure online enjoyment 
– Vending machines 
– 60 Workstations with individual network ports 
– VIP Online tickets 
– Sleep in allowed

Book Below:

All events start at 18:00 PM on a Friday and ends at 14:00 PM on the Sunday. Entrance is R380 for the weekend or R150 per day.

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